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The Top Five Dallas, Texas Steakhouses You Need to Visit

Ten-gallon hats, cowboy boots, cattle ranches and that good ole southern drawl…few cities in the U.S. can lay claim to as many iconic cultural and historical traits as Dallas, Texas.  With a booming economy and year-round outdoors friendly weather it’s easy to see why newcomers are flocking to the regional powerhouse of a city, bringing with them modern takes on culture, nightlife and, most importantly, the foodie scene.  Despite Dallas racing to embrace modern trends in dining, there’s one meal that remains quintessentially Texas and a staple to residents and visitors alike.

The steak dinner is long rooted in Texas’ ranching and cattle industries and is the meal that any Dallas restaurant worth its salt should be measured by.  While a quality slab of gourmet steak is a mainstay option in a variety of restaurants, it’s the Dallas steakhouse that continues to embrace the Texas heritage of superb beefy goodness.  In fact, if you’re in the Dallas area and looming for the best steakhouse…

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