Hezzi-D's Awesome 30 Minute Dinner Roll Recipe

Winter is here and to me that means soup.  I hate to be cold so at least once a week I make a giant pot of soup for dinner and then we eat the leftovers for lunch throughout the week.   Since my soups are so hearty I often don’t need to serve anything else with them except for some bread.

Usually I have frozen rolls in the freezer that I can heat up as I’m finishing the soup.   Sometimes they are rolls that I’ve made myself and other times they are simply a bag of store bought frozen rolls.  Either way, it’s something I can heat up and serve with my soup.

When I have a lot of time I’ll make a loaf of fresh bread.  The only problem with this is that it takes several hours to make so it has to be on the weekend.   Whenever I make soup during the week there isn’t time to make fresh bread after I get home from work.  

This is where Hezzi-D came up with the 30 minute dinner roll recipe.  Get this wonderful recipe right here!

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