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30 of Grandma's Amazing Old Time Secret Uses For Lemons

30 of Grandma's Amazing Old Time Secret Uses For Lemons
1.  Lemons are one of the most useful fruits available to consumers.
2.  Lemonade is not only a simple luxury beverage, but it is exceedingly wholesome.  It is a good alcohol replacement drink.
3.  The juice of a half of a lemon in a glass of water, without sugar, will frequently cure a headache.
4.  If your hands become stained or dirty, there is nothing that will remove the stain better than a lemon, or a lemon and salt.
5.  Lemon juice and sugar mixed very thick, is useful to relieve coughs and sore throats.  It must be very acid as well as sweet.  Continue the use of them for several weeks.
6.  Lemons may be excellent remedy in certain pulmonary issues.  When used for lung trouble, six to nine lemons a day should be used.  Hot lemonade can help break up a cold if taken at the start of the cold. Make it the same as cold lemonade, only use boiling water instead of cold water and use about one-half as much sugar.
7.  For fev…

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