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Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Miss The 7 Seas Food and Wine Festival in San Antonio Texas Going on Now Through May 29, 2017

Jill Robbins, creator of the blog "Ripped Jeans and Bifocals - A blog about adoption, motherhood and life," posted a great article about about the annual 7 Seas Food and Wine Festival at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas.

This year, the festival is being held from April 21 to May 29, 2017 - so there is still time to catch this great event if you are in the San Antonio Texas area.

Jill gives us 5 compelling reasons to attend this fun event, along with some awesome photographs to go along with her article.

The food looks delicious, the atmosphere looks chill, plus there appears to be plenty going on to keep you entertained for hours!

Click here to read more about Jill's adventure at the 7 Seas Food and Wine Festival!  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Quench Your Summertime Fun-time Thirst with Mermaid Lemonade! For Adults Only ;)

In case you didn't know, summertime is almost here!  If you are looking for a tasty adult beverage to satisfy your thirst, look no further.  Mermaid Lemonade is a quick and easy drink to enjoy while lounging at your favorite summertime chill zone.  Get the details from Delish:

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Get The Party Started: 50 Fun Finger Food Recipes

These 50 Finger Food Recipes Are Both Easy-To-Make and Tasty Too!

Dial Your Breakfast Up To 10: Powerful Protein Pancakes - Start Your Day Right

9 Protein Pancake Recipes That Prove You’re Doing Breakfast All Wrong

There’s something so comforting about pancakes, but they're usually reserved for Sunday mornings... and that's it. We want to change that, and these are the recipes we're going to use to do it. Protein pancakes are quick to throw together, healthy enough for every morning, and, you guessed it, packed with enough protein to keep you full until lunch. From classic banana to vegan tiramisu to stacks with peanut butter syrup, these pancakes are healthy twists on the childhood classic, and we love 'em all...Read More

Friday, March 24, 2017

Wonderful Bathing Hacks From The Early 1900's


Do not bathe when tired.

Avoid bathing within two hours after a meal.

Avoid bathing when the body is cooling after perspiration.

In fatigue, a very hot bath lasting only half a minute is good.

Avoid chilling the body by sitting or standing undressed on the
banks or in boats after having been in the water.

Avoid remaining too long in the water; leave the water immediately
there is the slightest feeling of chilliness.

The vigorous and strong may bathe early in the morning on
an empty stomach.

Any excess in the use of the Russian or Turkish bath is to be
avoided, especially where there is a tendency to heart disease.

Aromatic odors are to a degree disinfectant, and all agreeable
perfumes have a more or less soothing effect upon the nervous system.
The use of all baths favors a free action of the skin, and as a matter
of course when the skin is absolutely clean the complexion is

The use of aromatic waters, oils, and perfumes in the bath is
desirable from a sanitary point of view as well as a matter of physical

Take a daily veater bath, not only for cleanliness, but for skin
gymnastics. A cold bath is better for this purpose than a hot bath.

A short hot followed by a short cold bath is still better.

For a weak person when bathing, especially in summer, a gill of
ammonia in a small tub of water, or some rock salt, is a wonderful
invigorator, almost as good as a sea bath.

The young and those who are weak had better bathe two or
three hours after a meal; the best time for such is from two to three
hours after breakfast.

Those who are subject to attacks of giddiness or faintness, and
those who suffer from palpitation and other sense of discomfort at the
heart, should not bathe without first consulting their medical adviser.

A neutral bath, beginning at 96 or 98 degrees, dropping not
more than 5 degrees, and continued fifteen minutes or more, is an
excellent means of resting the nerves.

The tepid bath is the best adapted to the purposes of cleanliness
and healthful exercise. To delicate females and young children,
it is of primary importance.

Where soiled clothes have to be kept in the bathroom, a small
barrel painted inside and out, with holes in the sides for ventilation,
is better than a basket.

Anyone troubled with pimples should avoid bathing in cold
water. Take plenty of hot baths, and give the eruptions a chance to
come out on the body, if they must come out at all. Wash the face
in hot water, wiping it very gently.

Avoid bathing altogether in the open air, if, after having been
a short time in the water, it causes a sense of chilliness, with numbness
of the hands and feet. Bathe when the body is warm, provided
no time is lost in getting into the water.

Leave the water immediately if the slightest feeling of chilliness
is observed. Persons whose hands and feet have a feeling of numbness
and cold, after being in the water a short time, should not bathe
in the open air.

An Epsom salts bath is said to be good for women who are
nervous and have kidney troubles. Dissolve two pounds of Epsom
salts in a bath tub of water, and stay in the bath fifteen or twenty
minutes. The water should be warm, but not hot. Take a good rest
after the bath. This bath is also considered a beautifier.

Nothing can be more absurd than the common practice of
mothers and nurses in washing children, no matter how sickly or
unwell, with cold water, under the idea of bracing up the constitution;
whereas the use of tepid water alone is not only the most agreeable,
but the most proper fluid to excite the energies of the system in
young children.

The sanitary value of baths is acknowledged, so that here it is
only necessary to remind the reader that different forms of the bath
produce different effects, the cold bath being tonic, and requiring
sufficient vigor to insure reaction from the first shock it occasions,
the relaxing effect of the warm bath making it necessary to guard
against taking cold after it.

The tepid bath is attended with several advantages; the surface
of the skin is by it freed from that scaly matter, which always collects
more or less on the healthiest person; the pores of the skin thus
being free, the natural perspiration is promoted, the limbs are rendered
supple, and any stiffness, which may have been produced by
exertion or fatigue, is removed. Such immersion has been found to
allay thirst—a proof that water is absorbed and enters the body
through the skin.

To wash the face thoroughly, dip it down into a basin of tepid
water, then soap the hands a little and rub all over the skin of the
face with a gentle friction. Dip the face in water a second time and
dry with a thick, soft towel, rubbing gently until the skin glows.
If fleshworms disfigure the nose, rub this part especially thoroughly,
and when all is dry put a little vaseline on the hand and go all over
the face, rubbing it well into the pores. Wipe again and dust over
with baby powder. Thus treated, no face will ever chap in the
roughest wind.

Baths, to achieve much in the way of flesh reduction, must
be persisted in and taken very frequently, often too frequently for
the general health. The Turkish and Roman baths are what are
recommended. The Turkish bath should be given, so as to make the
perspiration very free. This is what is supposed to carry off the fat.
In my opinion, while the baths will keep down the flesh and will
reduce it somewhat, they cannot accomplish much unless taken
too often and continued too long to be compatible with health. To
keep the skin healthy and to remove the outer layers of the skin,
soak in a hot bath, or take a cabinet bath or Turkish bath once a
week; but these taken only once a week will do little in the way of
flesh reduction.

Please feel free to use and share this vintage life hack on your website or blog.  In return, I simply as for a link to my website

Thank You!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hezzi-D Review's Bob's Red Mill Blueberry Hazelnut Gluten Free Coffee Cake Recipe

Blueberry Hazelnut Gluten Free Coffee Cake + a review of Bob's Red Mill Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook - 's Books and Cooks

Bob’s Red Mill is the number one supplier of consumer whole grains in North America. Every day they go to great lengths to ensure the integrity of their products — even building a separate gluten-free packaging division complete with specialized machinery to make sure that their products maintain their gluten-free purity.The very best ingredients in the hands of the very best recipe developer is a winning combination. Camilla Saulsbury is an award-winning recipe developer and bestselling author who has created more than 281 recipes in this new book that showcase the health benefits of a gluten-free diet and result in immensely delicious, creative and satisfying dishes. These sublime recipes are proof positive that good taste and gluten-free options can be really tasty too: Breakfast Pumpkin Waffles, Teff and Chia Crunch Clusters.

A Review Of The New Irish Table Cookbook edited by Leslie Conron Carola - Cookbook Review


Ten award-winning chefs dismantle the stereotype of Irish cuisine being a boil, a fry, or soda bread. Highlighting fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients from provinces across the Emerald Isle, this beautiful, photo-illustrated collection offers inspirational Irish recipes.
An Irish meal must nourish the soul as well as the body, teasing each of the senses. Home cooks are invited into each featured chef’s restaurant and/ or home to experience recipes that utilize fresh fish, lamb, beef, pork, fruits, and vegetables, and of course, Ireland’s renowned cheeses.

Starred-studded contributors include Kevin Dundon (host of PBS’s Kevin Dundon’s Modern Irish Table), Darina Allen (founder of the Ballymaloe Cookery School), and Neven Maguire (celebrity chef and TV personality).  Learn More About This Wonderful Cookbook Here!

'The simple life hack that made me a millionaire. No, really.'

This life hack is so easy it’s trivial. I am almost embarrassed to share it because it’s so obvious.  And yet so few people do it and this one technique has made me millions of dollars.  To Learn About This Little Hack Gem, Click Here!

Hezzi-D's Awesome 30 Minute Dinner Roll Recipe

Winter is here and to me that means soup.  I hate to be cold so at least once a week I make a giant pot of soup for dinner and then we eat the leftovers for lunch throughout the week.   Since my soups are so hearty I often don’t need to serve anything else with them except for some bread.

Usually I have frozen rolls in the freezer that I can heat up as I’m finishing the soup.   Sometimes they are rolls that I’ve made myself and other times they are simply a bag of store bought frozen rolls.  Either way, it’s something I can heat up and serve with my soup.

When I have a lot of time I’ll make a loaf of fresh bread.  The only problem with this is that it takes several hours to make so it has to be on the weekend.   Whenever I make soup during the week there isn’t time to make fresh bread after I get home from work.  

This is where Hezzi-D came up with the 30 minute dinner roll recipe.  Get this wonderful recipe right here!

An Ancient Recipe That Is Said To Come Straight From Heaven

A Heavenly Recipe

Instructions about cooking and baking are not rare in medieval manuscripts. We have already posted on this blog some medieval instructions for 'cury' and making pancakes from cookbooks or practical culinary collections. Liturgical service books, however, are probably not the most obvious sources for such notes.

One of our Byzantine Greek service books, a collection of lessons for the Saturdays and Sundays of Lent, contains a very special recipe: not only is it completely vegan, it is said to have been received directly from Heaven. The short note is preserved in a lection for the first Saturday of the Great Lent which records the miraculous revelation of the new recipe as follows...

Friday, February 24, 2017

1,000-year-old Middle Eastern recipe book claims to have the ultimate hangover cure

Written nearly a thousand years ago, the Kitab al-tabikh (book of cookery) written by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq, is the most comprehensive work of its kind. It includes more than 600 recipes for culinary and medicinal dishes, including a well-known ancient Middle Eastern hangover cure, ingredients for enhancing sexual performance, and dishes for curing a range of health problems. The ancient text has been translated by Nawal Nasrallah, a former professor of English and comparative literature at the University of Baghdad, into the ‘Annals of the Caliph’s Kitchen’, making these fascinating recipes accessible to the English-speaking world for the first time.

Very little is known about Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq, the author of the text, except that he died in 961 AD, and that he was commissioned to write a cookbook on the dishes of Caliphs, Lords and dignitaries of the time. Many of the recipes are thought to have been acquired from much earlier writers and may be much older than 1,000 years.  Read More Here!

ZOJIRUSHI Electric Skillet Makes Any Recipe a Breeze!

ZOJIRUSHI Electric Skillet has many ‘talents!’ Making meals that are versatile, easy and don’t require a ton of time are some of the important variables I am looking for when thinking of dinner for family on the daily basis. Of course, food we enjoy eating has to be yummy and pack some important elements like protein, good carbs, fiber, microelements and amino acids.

Having a ton of food prep gadgets in the kitchen can be hard to eliminate! However, discovering new ways of food preparation could open unlimited horizons to our time and food prep efficiency. I’ve discovered ZOJIRUSHI Electric Skillet that is so unique in its design that I can’t stop telling everybody how MUCH I ADORE cooking with it!  Find Out More Here!

Everything I Know About Roast Chicken I Learned From Thomas Keller

Epicurious's best roast chicken recipe is also our most popular. Which is not surprising given the key words involved: "Thomas Keller" (people like Thomas Keller!) and "roast chicken" (literally everybody likes roast chicken!).

Just how popular, though? The recipe's ranked four out of four forks by over 700 Epi readers who have made it at home—and 94 percent say they'd make it again. The last person to add a review, in late January, offered a typical rave: "This is the BEST and SIMPLEST ROASTED CHICKEN RECIPE EVER!"  Get This Delicious Recipe Right Here!

19 Life Hacks You Should Teach Your Kids

In spite of having the suspicious word “hack” in their term, life hacks are actually beneficial in nature and don’t require any form of actual electronic hacking to work. Because they save time and free up (or even make) space, and because they require little effort and the simplest of things to work, life hacks are usable and doable by virtually anyone, including kids.

With proper parental supervision, kids learn faster through the first-hand experience of the life hacks. As supported by Dr. Robert Lehman from the Pediatric Affiliates of Hampton Roads, “Involving your child in mind-stimulating activities, as well as providing support to meet his optimal needs, results in more positive outcomes including greater school success, healthier behavior, and improved family relationships.”

Here are but a few of the plethora of useful life hacks that you can use with your kids around the house for extra convenience:

Pączki (Polish Jelly Donuts)

Pączki (Polish Jelly Donuts)

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

You’ve heard of Dunkin’ Donuts? What about Drunken Donuts? Polish pączki  are a traditional pre-Lenten treat usually served  on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday (Shrove Thurday-Tłusty Czwartek ) in Poland and Polish communities.

What is Shrove Thursday?

Shrove Thursday, also called Fat Thursday, is a Polish version of Mardis Gras, Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. With sweets abstained during Lent, it is customary to enjoy these jelly donuts, the way some might enjoy Beignets.

What is the difference between a paczki and a donut?

Essentially a paczki is a jelly donut made with an egg-enriched dough. The drunken part  comes in when a little vodka is added to the dough to inhibit the development of gluten. This keeps the dough more tender and soft.

5 Simple Life Hacks That Will Solve Your Everyday Problems - More Mich

What The Heck Are Life Hacks?

The word hack has so many different meanings. For the purpose of this article, I’m referring to a hack as an inexpensive quick fix that solves a problem. You can typically find these life hacks lying around your house, just waiting to be put to work.

A usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently. Life hacks are all about eliminating life’s manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways.

We have so many bigger issues in our lives that require more in-depth problem solving, patience and follow through. It’s therapeutic to have quick fixes that cost hardly anything, don’t exhaust a lot of brain power or energy, and serve multiple functions.  Find the 5 Life Hacks Right Here!

Easy Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Recipe

One of my favorite recipes to make for my family is Teriyaki Glazed salmon. I used to make this recipe the least once a week. However, I started exploring different salmon recipes like Honey Garlic Salmon and Honey Garlic Butter Salmon. One of the things I love most about this recipe is that you can start prepping to make this recipe the night before or you can decide to make this recipe on a whim. I try my best to allow the salmon to marinate for 1.5 hours. I create my menu plan once a week (I think I'm going to start exploring creating a menu plan for the entire month. ) This allows me to make sure that I have everything I need to create this recipe. Plus, give me the time to allow this recipe to marinate. Like most of the recipes that I make. This recipe will be back in rotation for my upcoming menu plans. It's delicious and a family favorite.  

Find this tasty treat right here!

You Know You Want It - Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Dip

You know all those recipes you drool over and save to Pinterest? Now you can move their ingredient lists to your shopping list in one quick swipe. This is how you do it.

I am a bona fide foodie. I like reading recipe books, looking at pictures of food, and making up my own creations. I love eating fresh foods and unusual combinations.

This Bacon-Cheddar-Cream Cheese recipe is a crowd pleaser at our house, although we always call it the “hot dirty dip”. It’s one of my sis-in-law’s “famous” creations that we all crave.  Get this tasty dip recipe right here! 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn) with Salmon and Shiitake

Vietnamese Spring Rolls are very easy appetisers or party food to make. And because they are not fried like the more well known crispy fried spring rolls, they are amazingly healthy as well, filled with fresh ingredients, alongside any cooked meat you’d like to stuff them with.

In the West, these tend to be called summer spring rolls, but they don’t have to be a summer affair. In fact, we always make them for Chinese New Year, and that’s always in the winter!  

Delicious Homemade Chocolates! Yes!

Chocolate might be our very favorite treat. In fact, we love chocolate so much that even when we’re eating something sweet that’s not just a store bought chocolate bar, we usually pick the chocolate flavor in that as well! We’ll take chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pie… you get the picture.  Get the scoop right here!