A Unique Collection of 10 Vintage 1920's Refreshing Beverage, Punch & Fruit Juice Recipes

A Unique Collection of 10 Vintage 1920's Refreshing Beverage, Punch & Fruit Juice Recipes

There's nothing more refreshing than a homemade juice beverage.  The following beverage recipes were saved from a vintage early 1920's publication.  Some of the mixes might be a little unusual, but they could provide you the unique taste you've been looking for!  Please feel free to share my recipes on your website or blog (we would appreciate a link back to our blog, please).  I hope you enjoy!


2 ounces green ginger root
1 cupful orange, pineapple or other fruit juice
2 lemons 
Sugar syrup
1 quart boiling water 

Cut the ginger-root and the lemons into thin slices; add the boiling water and boil for fifteen minutes. Strain, and when cool add the fruit juice with sugar syrup to taste, the exact amount depending upon the fruit juice used. Dilute with ice-water or cracked ice. 


2 quarts sweet juicy cherries
Sugar or honey
3 cupfuls cider vinegar

Stem and stone the cherries and pour the cider vinegar over them, adding a few of the pits cracked. Let stand for three or four days, stirring occasionally.  Strain through a bag, squeezing hard, and to every pint of juice add one pint of sugar or two scant cupfuls of honey.  Boil twenty minutes and put up hot in bottles or glass jars. Two tablespoonfuls will flavor a glass of ice-water deliciously. Wild raspberries or blackberries may take the place of the cherries.


2 cupfuls water 
1/2 cupful orange juice
3/4 cupful sugar 
1/4 cupful pineapple syrup
2 cupfuls canned red cherry juice 
Juice 2 lemons
Mineral water
Candied cherries

Combine the water and sugar and bring to the boiling point. Then add the cherry juice, strained, and the other fruit juices. Cool, dilute to taste with mineral water or ice water and serve garnished with candied cherries.


1 cupful sugar
1/2 cupful orange-juice
2 cupfuls water 
1 cupful grated pineapple
2 cupfuls grape juice 
4 sprigs mint
Juice 2 lemons 
Mineral or ice-water
Few halved seeded white grapes

Make a syrup of the sugar and water, letting it boil one minute. Allow to cool, then add the fruit juices, grated pineapple, and sprigs of mint bruised to emit the flavor. Serve cold, diluted with either mineral or ice-water and garnish with a few halved, seeded white grapes.


2 cupfuls water 
1/2 cupful grapefruit pulp
3/4 cupful sugar 
Juice 1 lemon
1 cupful grapefruit juice 
1/4 cupful maraschino cherries
Mineral water

Combine the water and sugar, boil one minute, and let cool.  Meanwhile extract the grapefruit juice and to this add the grapefruit pulp and the lemon-juice. Allow to chill thoroughly and then add the maraschino cherries cut in halves.  Dilute with mineral ice-water and serve very cold.


l 1/2 cupfuls water 
1 lemon
l 1/2 cupfuls sugar 
1/2 cupful lime juice
4 oranges 
l 1/2 cupfuls grated pineapple
Mineral water

Combine the water and sugar and boil together one minute.  Allow to cool. Meanwhile, extract the juice from the oranges and the lemon and add to them the lime juice.  Add this to the cooled syrup and just before placing in the refrigerator add the grated pineapple.  When cold and ready to serve,
dilute with mineral water or ice-water.


1/2 cupful sugar 
2 lemons
1 cupful water 
2 oranges
2 cupfuls canned raspberries or loganberries
Mineral water
Lemon or orange slices

Boil the sugar and water together one minute. Cool, and add the raspberries or loganberries with enough juice to fill the interstices.  Then add the juice extracted from the lemons and oranges and let stand in the refrigerator two hours until icy cold.  Dilute to taste with ice-water or mineral water and serve, garnishing each glass with a thin slice of lemon or orange.


1 quart rhubarb cut in half-inch pieces
1 cupful water
6 cloves
Boiling water 
1 inch stick cinnamon
1 cupful sugar 
1 piece ginger root
Rose petals

Cover the rhubarb well with boiling water and let stand until cold. Boil together for five minutes the sugar, water, and spices. Strain, add the water from the rhubarb, chill, and serve with ice and a few floating rose petals.


1 cupful sugar 
2 cupfuls sliced peaches and juice
2 cupfuls water
1/4 cupful orange-juice 
1/4 cupful lemon-juice
Mineral water

Boil the water and sugar together for one minute; set aside to cool.  Force the peaches through a puree sieve and combine the pulp with the orange and lemon-juice.  Add to the cold syrup and let chill thoroughly. Just before serving, strain and dilute to taste with mineral water or ice-water,


3 oranges 
1/4 cupful maraschino cherries
1 lemon 
1 quart cider

Extract juices from the oranges and lemon and add them to the cider together with the cherries. Chill thoroughly and serve.

Old School Coffee Making Recipes & Formulas From 1866

photo courtesy of czoborraul via freedigitalphotos.net

Old School Coffee Making Recipes & Formulas From 1866

The following may be readily used by all coffee lovers to give a good satisfying coffee making experience.

For Java Coffee, use your choice of 20 lbs. imported coffee, 7 lbs. of dried dandelion root, 13 lbs. of of chicory; roast and grind well together.  For smaller batches, cut the ratio down, but keep the parts equal.

For West India Coffee, use rye roasted with a little butter and grind very fine.

For a Turkey Coffee, use 7 lbs. rice or wheat roasted with a little butter, 3 lbs. of chicory and grind.

Horsebean roasted with a little honey or sugar, remove from the fine, add a small quantity of  cassia bulls, stir the whole until cold, and grind.  This makes an excellent flavor.

For the outdoors enthusiast who runs out of regular coffee, Acorns deprived of their shells, husked, dried and roasted, make  a  good Coffee.

Essence of Coffee can be made by hailing down molasses till hard, grind to a powder, add to every 4 lbs. of the mixture 1 to 2 lbs. of good ground Java Coffee and mix. A small quantity of this added to coffee  while  making will  save  half the  usual quantity of the latter, and impart a fine flavor to the beverage.