30 of Grandma's Amazing Old Time Secret Uses For Lemons

30 of Grandma's Amazing Old Time Secret Uses For Lemons

1.  Lemons are one of the most useful fruits available to consumers.

2.  Lemonade is not only a simple luxury beverage, but it is exceedingly wholesome.  It is a good alcohol replacement drink.

3.  The juice of a half of a lemon in a glass of water, without sugar, will frequently cure a headache.

4.  If your hands become stained or dirty, there is nothing that will remove the stain better than a lemon, or a lemon and salt.

5.  Lemon juice and sugar mixed very thick, is useful to relieve coughs and sore throats.  It must be very acid as well as sweet.  Continue the use of them for several weeks.

6.  Lemons may be excellent remedy in certain pulmonary issues.  When used for lung trouble, six to nine lemons a day should be used.  Hot lemonade can help break up a cold if taken at the start of the cold. Make it the same as cold lemonade, only use boiling water instead of cold water and use about one-half as much sugar.

7.  For feverishness and unnatural thirst, soften a lemon by rolling it on a hard surface, cut off the top, add sugar, and work it down into the lemon with a fork, then suck it slowly.

8.  A baked lemon is an excellent remedy for hoarseness, and one often resorted to by singers and public speakers. The lemon is baked like an apple, and a little of the heated and thickened juice is squeezed over a lump-sugar.

9.  More juice is obtained from lemons by boiling them. Put the lemons into cold water and bring slowly to a boil. Boil slowly until they begin to soften ; remove from the water and when cold enough
to handle squeeze until all the juice is extracted, strain and add enough loaf or crushed sugar to make it palatable, being careful not to make it too sweet. Add about twice as much water as there
is juice. This preparation may be made every morning, or enough may be prepared one day to last three or four days, but it must be kept in a cool place.

10.  To take out iron rust cover the spot with fine salt and saturate with lemon juice and lay on the grass. Repeat if necessary.

11.  The discomfort caused by sore and tender feet may be lessened if not entirely cured by applying slices of lemons to the feet.

12.  To cure chilblains (painful inflammation of small blood vessels in the skin) take a piece of lemon, sprinkle fine salt over it and rub the feet well. Repeat if necessary.

13.  The girl who has blotchy skin would be greatly benefited by taking the juice of a lemon squeezed into a glass of hot water.  

14.  The pulp of a lemon rubbed on the roots of the hair will stop ordinary cases of falling out hair.

15.  The dark line around the neck, caused by wearing high collars, can easily be removed by applying lemon juice each morning, and at night before retiring.

16.  The juice of a lemon dissolved in as much sugar as will hold the solution and applied with a camel's hair brush several times a day will cause freckles to disappear.

17.  A very nourishing drink for a convalescent is to add a fresh egg, beaten as light as possible, to a glass of strong lemonade. The lemon will destroy the raw animal taste that is offensive to some.

18.  Clear lemon juice is very irritating; the powerful acid of the juice will cause inflammation if the use of it is continued any length of time.

19.  Lemon juice is also a very good remedy for rheumatism and the so-called biliousness of spring. In the latter case the juice should be taken before breakfast. The pulp may also be eaten, avoiding every particle of skin. A bilious attack may be soon overcome by taking the juice of one or two lemons in a goblet of water before retiring and in the morning before rising. When taken on an empty stomach the lemon has an opportunity to work on the system.

20.  Lemons rid the system of humors and bile and leave no bad effects. Weak, debilitated people sometimes may be greatly benefited by a free use of them.  Lemon juice should be diluted with
water, or sweetened sufficiently so that it will not produce a drawing or burning sensation in the throat.

21.  Lemon juice will remove roughness and vegetable stains from the hands. After having the hands in hot soapsuds rub them with a piece of lemon.  This will prevent chapping and make the hands
soft and white.

22.  A piece of lemon, or stale bread moistened with lemon juice, bound on a corn will cure it. Renew night and morning. The first application will produce soreness, but if treatment is persisted in
for a reasonable length of time a cure will be effected.

23.  To remove mildew take equal parts of soap (a soft soap is best) and fine starch, moisten with lemon juice, spread the paste thickly on both sides of the cloth, then expose to the sun. When the paste becomes dry soften it with more lemon juice.

24.  How to Take Ink Spots Out of Linen or Calico:  Cut a lemon in half, and press the stained part close over one half of the lemon, until it is wet with the juice. Then place it on a hot iron, and the spots will soon disappear.

25.  If silver, after it is cleaned is rubbed with a piece of lemon and then washed and well dried, it gets a white brilliancy which it seldom has otherwise, and will keep clean longer than with the ordinary cleansing.

26.  Copper utensils of all sorts, are often very hard to clean. A good method is to cut a lemon in half and rub over the kettle with it.  After a thorough rubbing the article should be carefully rinsed in
clear, cold water and given a final polish with a soft cloth.

27.  During the warm months a sense of coolness, comfort and invigoration can be produced by a free use of lemonade. For six large glasses of lemonade use six large, juicy lemons; roll on a hard
surface, so that the juice can be easily extracted. Peel and slice. Add sufficient sugar to sweeten, and stir it well into the juice before adding the water.

28.  Lemons, either sliced or grated, and then steeped in water or spirits, are reviving. 

29.  Never throw away any part of a lemon or its peel; in the lack of anything else, this, steeped in water, is an excellent astringent for the skin, and refreshing at the same time.

30.  The same may be said of lime—lime-water being one of the best washes for the skin yet known, and it is also an antidote against disease.

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